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Feedback File

The Feedback File is psychobreak's listing of feedback received as both a buyer and a seller.

Please note that the pkmncollectors community has established a new feedback system since the creation of this feedback file, so I also have a feedback file there, too, at THIS LINK HERE with feedback starting from May of 2012.

Please also note that as the intention of this file is to be a central reference point for all of my Pokemon-related trading, buying, and selling feedback - especially within the pkmncollectors community, some of the feedback entries listed here are duplicates of feedback listed elsewhere. In which case, such entries will be appropriately marked and appropriately linked to the original feedback entry in question.

In the interest of keeping the file as organized as possible and to give potential sellers and buyers a way to do a quick one-glance look, feedback is sorted into three different categories - AS A BUYER and AS A SELLER and OTHERWISE - and each category has its own 'thread' in this post.

If I have bought from you or if I have sold to you or if I have done something else that warrants feedback, I would really appreciate it if you could post feedback in the appropriate thread.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it would be useful if you could post some basic information like how you might rate me overall, the nature of the transaction, and any pros or cons you might have experienced.

Below is a more formal example, but you don't have to use this format if you don't want to. I am simply trying to make my feedback as easy to read and comprehend as possible.

Items Bought/Sold: basic description of transaction
Rating: ?/5
Comments: strong points

Finally, as a friendly reminder, I want to reiterate that I will ALWAYS do my best to communicate with those I transact with.

If for any reason you ever have a question, concern, complaint, or even a "hmmm" about any transaction, please, PLEASE, -PLEASE- let me know. Don't let my Feedback File be the first and last place where I am notified that there was a concern that I could have and would have addressed sooner.

Thanks a plenty!

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This is a listing of feedback for psychobreak as a BUYER.

Please reply to this thread if you are adding feedback as someone who has sold to me - thank you in advance!

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Items sold: Pokemon cards
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Very friendly buyer, fast payment, smooth transaction! :)

Items Bought: Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Scizor, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Lugia, and Ho-Oh flats
Rating: 5/5!
Comments: Prompt payment, great communication - super friendly and awesome to talk to :D Really wonderful transaction, thanks so much! <3

Items Bought: Several flats and several chous plus one Kingdra kid
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Very effective communicator, super friendly and overall a delightful transaction! ;)

Items Sold: GA: 2 Mewtow figures, skarmory, & turtwig
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Good communication, quick payment, and very friendly to work with. Would happily sell to again.

Items I Sold: 13 Kakumen Retsuden Kai cards
Rating: 5/5!
Comments: Very engaging guy, had fun transacting with him, and would always welcome him to my sales post!

Items sold: Mewtwo BK figure and Sentret squishy
Rating: 5/5
Comment: Great person to talk to and immediate payment! Thank you! <3

Items sold: battle dice (GA)
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Good communication, and sent all payments quickly.

Items sold to: Zukan GA
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Prompt payment, perfect participant! Super friendly as well :D Thanks for helping to make this GA so successful!

items sold: snorlax zukan
rating: 5/5
notes: very fast and very friendly! Very highly recommended!

Items sold: pan stickers
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Nice person to talk to and quick payment! Thank you! :)

Items sold: sticker lot
Rating: 5/5
Comments: quick payment, very patient/friendly, great communication!! overall great buyer, thank you!

Sold: Was a GA participant, they won a keychain & stamper!
Comment: A pleasure to communicate with! Made payments when needed & all around good comm member. Hope to do business with again. <33

Items sold: Celebi Movie keychain and 7-11 exclusive stylus
Rating: 5/5!
Comments: Wonderful buyer, very understanding and patient, and with excellent communication! I ran into a problem with shipping, it ended up costing way more than I originally quoted psychobreak for, but they were very understanding and sent the shipping difference. :) Would deal with again, thank you so much again for giving some of my Biis a great new home. :)♥

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Mewtwo backpack plush
Excellent communication, prompt payment, and very friendly. Welcome back in my sales anytime! :)

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Bought a mewtwo marble great buyer I am glad a left over from my search for a single dragonite marble went to a great home

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Sold Banpresto Munchlax.
Paid fast, very friendly! A+ buyer!

This is a listing of feedback for psychobreak as a SELLER.

Please reply to this thread if you have feedback for me as someone whom I have sold to - thanks in advance!

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This is a listing of feedback for trades, unofficial this-and-thats, and... whatevers for psychobreak.

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