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A New Pokemon Adventure - IN PICTURES!
Okay, so I don't have too many pictures (only two, to be quite honest), but I did finally get some pictures taken of most of the stuff I collected during my Pokemon Black and Pokemon White release date adventure!

Speaking of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, I also have some pictures I took of the swag I collected when I attended one of the Pokemon Black and White tours which I will post later.

For now, though, onwards with the release date goodies!

Overall, I really really like the stuff I managed to collect and when it comes to bonuses... well... you just can't really complain about stuff you get for free, right? Though for this collection in particular, I'm really digging the stylus set, portfolio, and the Collector's Edition game guide.

Starting from the BACK and working my way to the FRONT and going from RIGHT to LEFT:

The STYLUS SET (from Toys "R" Us) is the perfect contrast pairing of a literal black and white color scheme which happens to match the two main Legendaries for the new games. It also matches the styluses featuring the three Starter Pokemon that were being given out as spin-the-wheel prizes during the Pokemon Black and White Tour. Coupled with a screen cleaner and cartridge holders, the stylus set is simply a nice little bit to look at and it is also useful besides. The fact that they give you both Zekrom and Reshiram in one stylus set is a particularly nice bonus.

The WALL CLINGS (from Toys "R" Us) are more or less giant sized stickers which can be stuck to any flat surface where there is enough room. For the longest time since I first heard of this promotional bonus, the phrase "wall clings" didn't quite compute in my head as I had, quite frankly, never heard of "wall clings" before. Thinking of wall clings, therefore, had me thinking about "window clings" - made of vinyl and capable of sticking to smooth flat surfaces like windows without any adhesives. When I went in to Toys "R" Us to pick up my preorder, I guess it shouldn't be any surprise to learn that I was startled to discover that the "window clings" I had envisioned in my mind were actually gigantic stickers to stick to a large flat surface! Whooops!

The GAMES THEMSELVES (from multiple places) are NOT bonuses but ARE the whole reason I made the release date runs in the first place! Hooray for Pokemon White and Pokemon Black and hooray for my Snivy and Oshawott!

The ART PORTFOLIO (from Target) is basically a collection of large postcard-sized Pokemon Black and Pokemon White artwork pieces contained within a hard paper slipcover. It is something I was also surprised about, but for a different reason. Owing to leaked pictures of this particular release bonus, the portfolio looked to be something a lot larger in size - perhaps artbook sized - rather than a large postcard size. No matter! The artwork is just gorgeous and the smaller size makes it easier to tuck away without worrying of it being oversized.

The COLLECTOR'S EDITION GUIDEBOOK + POKEDEX (from GameStop) is a bit of a book lover's dream. Coffee table-sized, hardbound (and not just pseudo-hardbound but REALLY hardbound), well designed, chock full of information, and bundled with the holographic mini poster, I am very happy that I decided to fork over a little extra cash for this item.


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