Information Desk

All relevant information about selling to, buying from, and trading with psychobreak can be found here in this post.


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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a PM or leave a comment (as long as it isn't personal in nature). For your safety, please do not post any personally identifying information if you make a public comment.


Feedback File

The Feedback File is psychobreak's listing of feedback received as both a buyer and a seller.

Please note that the pkmncollectors community has established a new feedback system since the creation of this feedback file, so I also have a feedback file there, too, at THIS LINK HERE with feedback starting from May of 2012.

Please also note that as the intention of this file is to be a central reference point for all of my Pokemon-related trading, buying, and selling feedback - especially within the pkmncollectors community, some of the feedback entries listed here are duplicates of feedback listed elsewhere. In which case, such entries will be appropriately marked and appropriately linked to the original feedback entry in question.

In the interest of keeping the file as organized as possible and to give potential sellers and buyers a way to do a quick one-glance look, feedback is sorted into three different categories - AS A BUYER and AS A SELLER and OTHERWISE - and each category has its own 'thread' in this post.

If I have bought from you or if I have sold to you or if I have done something else that warrants feedback, I would really appreciate it if you could post feedback in the appropriate thread.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but it would be useful if you could post some basic information like how you might rate me overall, the nature of the transaction, and any pros or cons you might have experienced.

Below is a more formal example, but you don't have to use this format if you don't want to. I am simply trying to make my feedback as easy to read and comprehend as possible.

Items Bought/Sold: basic description of transaction
Rating: ?/5
Comments: strong points

Finally, as a friendly reminder, I want to reiterate that I will ALWAYS do my best to communicate with those I transact with.

If for any reason you ever have a question, concern, complaint, or even a "hmmm" about any transaction, please, PLEASE, -PLEASE- let me know. Don't let my Feedback File be the first and last place where I am notified that there was a concern that I could have and would have addressed sooner.

Thanks a plenty!


Buying Block

Welcome to the Buying Block which features a listing of Pokemon-related items that psychobreak is looking to add to the collection.

As my WTB list stays fairly small and fairly consistent over time (until I fulfill something on the list that is), I decided to dedicate this one post to that list.

Flat Items

  • Shitajiki (pencil boards)
  • Clear Files (clear plastic folders)

Non-Flat Items

list to be updated soon

Pokemon-Specific Items

  • Mewtwo
  • Kingdra (and evolutionary line)
  • Munchlax
  • Mew

Selling Station

Welcome to the Selling Station where psychobreak offers up Pokemon-related merchandise for sale.

In the interest of keeping things as non-confusing as possible, the Selling Station will display a listing of ALL the sales posts (ones that are open and ones that are closed) that have been featured on this journal.

If for some reason the Selling Station has not been properly updated with the last sales post, you may also browse for the most recent sales posts by browsing the sales post tag.


Lacking in Luck

Usually, I manage to snag myself some pretty awesome deals (deals in the sense of monies spent and/or just the awesomeness of the items themselves) in terms of adding stuff to my collection, but there have been a few times especially of late where I've encountered a few snags with my luck running out on me.

Since this is a Pokemon-themed journal, all of the items mentioned were, of course, intended for my Pokemon collection. Out of all of the incidents, however, a particular one takes the cake the most.

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The Who, What, How, When, and Why

... Okay, so maybe not the Who part, but I can sure talk about the What, How, When, and Why in regards to me and Pokemon and Pokemon-related collecting.

If you take a look at my Profile (which, yes, I know is very empty), there is a single sentence which reads, "Because some things are simply never forgotten."

"Because some things are simply never forgotten," is the Why I got into Pokemon and into Pokemon collecting and it is also why I have kept up with Pokemon on some level despite how old the franchise is and how old I was when Pokemon first came out.

I was a teenager when Pokemon first made headway into the United States and as Pokemon attracted the attention of mostly children and people younger than me at the time, me being older than most of those people felt slightly dissuaded from poking into Pokemon. My younger sibling, however, did get into Pokemon and I guess you could say that I rode along their coattails into the fandom - not really interested but not entirely disinterested, either.

I guess it's a bit strange, then, to say that where I have become more engrossed with Pokemon over time, said sibling has long since more or less lost interest. So how did I - someone who was initially not-very-interested - manage to retain my interest while someone who had a lot of interest completely lost theirs?

To answer that, it's time to backtrack to that sentence that I wrote in my Profile and answer the question of what, exactly, IS that thing that I can't forget.

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Fast forward ten plus years and... well.

Hot damn, but I guess some things just never change do they?

I still feel the same way I did when I first saw the movie and my current and growing collection of Mewtwo-centric items is a testament of my fondness for the Psychic Pokemon who, despite his upbringing and the odds against him, could.

So yeah.

That's my story.

Here's to ten plus years of Pokemon and here's to you, Mewtwo.

Even though you're not real, I wish I could say thank you to you because you really are just THAT awesome.

A New Pokemon Adventure - IN PICTURES!

Okay, so I don't have too many pictures (only two, to be quite honest), but I did finally get some pictures taken of most of the stuff I collected during my Pokemon Black and Pokemon White release date adventure!

Speaking of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, I also have some pictures I took of the swag I collected when I attended one of the Pokemon Black and White tours which I will post later.

For now, though, onwards with the release date goodies!

Overall, I really really like the stuff I managed to collect and when it comes to bonuses... well... you just can't really complain about stuff you get for free, right? Though for this collection in particular, I'm really digging the stylus set, portfolio, and the Collector's Edition game guide.

Starting from the BACK and working my way to the FRONT and going from RIGHT to LEFT:

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A New Pokemon Adventure Begins!

Like many other Pokemon fans, I dedicated a good portion of my March 6 Sunday to Pokemon as Sunday was the release date for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

It was a new day for a brand new Pokemon adventure in a region never before explored and I started out my adventure right before Saturday's clock slipped into Sunday and struck 00:00 with a midnight release for the Pokemon games (preordered, though you could preorder during that event if you managed to get wind of it despite not doing a preorder) hosted by GameStop.

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Moving onwards, when I got home from the midnight launch at GameStop, I decided to browse the 'net for any last minute signs of confirmed Pokemon release-related events. After the GameStop surprise, I was feeling pretty lucky and so I was feeling hopeful that there might be some news to catch up on. Being hopeful paid off and after checking my email, I confirmed that both Target and Toys "R" Us would be offering bonuses for picking up the games on the day of release and so after printing out the adverts and setting my alarm clock, I went to bed with thoughts of art portfolios, DS accessory packs, and discounts on games in my head.

As sleep won over in favor of waking up extra early (in case I needed to beat a crowd), I ended up arriving at my local Target at around 08:30 AM as opposed to 08:00.

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As Target is fairly close to Toys "R" Us, I decided to grab some breakfast first from an equally nearby Denny's and after breakfast, I headed over to Toys "R" Us (which I will now abbreviate to TRU).

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With my game-related purchases all taken care of, I finally headed back home and once home, I embarked on my new Isshu/Unova region journey with my new Starter Pokemon - a Snivy on Pokemon White and an Oshawott on Pokemon Black.

A midnight release (with free unexpected swag!), an art portfolio, and a buy one get one half off plus wall clings plus accessory kit deal?

That was a total score for me in regards to my little super-late Saturday and early Sunday-morning adventure and coupled with the awesome new game, I'm looking forward to having more awesome Pokemon-related adventures.